Eat the Moon is founded by self-taught illustrator Fifi Khudhairi, based in South East London. 

We are a premium illustration-led stationery and printed goods brand bridging the gap between playful concepts and beautiful aesthetics to create arty design stories. 

Our mission is to create immersive illustrations that capture the sentiments of everyday life through a playful, alternative and relatable narrative. 

Our illustration style is hand-drawn, contemporary and free-spirited. We draw on escapist themes and cultural trends to create designs that tell a story through whimsical figures, beautiful illustrations and fantastical scenes.

Eat the Moon designs are full of humour, unexpected takes on convention and, satirical undertones with a nod to the surreal.  

‘My path to creating Eat the Moon has not been a linear route! And I think that really shows in the Eat the Moon brand style. I have a BA degree in Fashion design, which led me to start a career in Fashion styling to then quickly move into advertising and branding for 8 years before starting Eat the Moon. I love to immerse people into some kind of story or narrative. I normally take an idea and play around with it to give it a new meaning or an alternative story and then find ways to beautifully convey the idea. With a background and interest in fashion design I tend to incorporate design trends into my work (or character outfits!).  I’m inspired by Surrealist art movements, zines, feminist artworks, satirical cartoonists and celestial aesthetics.’ - Fifi, founder of Eat the Moon