Sustainability approach

We believe in starting as we mean to go on, therefore we are working hard to try and be as sustainable as we possibly can as we grow Eat the Moon. 

Have a look at ways in which we are trying to be a sustainable greeting card and stationery business in the UK:

Sustainably sourced paper

FSC certified paper greeting cards

We work with a well established UK printers who source their paper that we use for our greeting cards and art prints from sustainably managed forests and are FSC certified. Sustainably-managed forests meet the needs of wildlife while supporting livelihoods and providing many other ecosystem services, such as carbon storage and flood risk mitigation.


plastic free greeting cards

Our greeting cards arrive naked, no cellophane is used, they are packed and posted in hard back kraft envelopes or kraft paper boxes.

If we need to package your goods in a mailer bag, we use sustainable alternative to standard polythene mailing bags by using environmentally friendly sugar cane mailer bags. They are produced from a by-product of sugar cane, and grown on reclaimed wasteland and therefore having no impact on the rainforest, our eco mailing bags are fully recyclable, use no fossil fuels and are produced from the greenest material on the market.

recyclable greeting cards

Our greeting cards and art prints can be fully recycled.


Everything we design and print is made in the UK, by producing products closer to our customer we aim to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

We continue to be as sustainable as we possibly can and will research ways to improve this further as our business grows.